2022-23 Clubmanship Award

By  Secretary Officer

IMG_20230801_200612The David Propert Trophy is named after the very first president of the Club.  It is granted to a current member of the Club in recognition of continued enthusiast contribution to the club.  Members can be nominated for the award based on such things as the following

  • their contribution to the objectives of the club;
  • have a minimum of 5 years continuous and enthusiastic membership;
  • active contribution to management of the club;

It is with great pleasure that we announce our 2022-23 David Propert Trophy (Clubmanship Award) recipient is Stephen Eddey.

Over the past year Stephen has exhibited a great desire to assist the club and its members who may needs help, whether it be through running events, helping for longer than his allotted times, or by gifting fuel to a member each year during the K'Gari Fraser Island Clean Up. 


Congratulations Stephen! 

We appreciate everything you do for the club and it's members.


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