How to Organise and Run a Trip

You will need an idea of your proposed venue and route to take. What would be the best season suitable for the trip and then speak with the Trip Co-ordinator to book in your trip into the calendar. Be sure the date suits you; after all, you will be the trip leader and the organiser of the trip once it has been advertised in the magazine. When you have a date, you must supply the information you want printed in the magazine and email to the Magazine Editor -


For example:
Date : This is pretty obvious, but if a weekend trip list all dates the trip will be away for.
Trip/Event Details : Where the trip/event will be held.
Trip Grade : See the trip grade list.
Trip Leader & Phone : Your name and a contact telephone number.
Maximum Number :  The number of vehicles you and the trip can accommodate.
Time & Place : Starting time and meeting place.
Essentials : Ideas on what members will need to bring.
Comments :  Give members an indication on the happenings on the trip, it just might entice more members to attend.

When considering maximum number, you should consider things like parking at points of interest, morning tea and lunch spots big enough for the group.


You will get some clues on this type of information from one of the magazines.

If you are camping you will need enough reasonably level tent sites for everyone. If you are not sure about something or have any concerns in any of the above, assistance is gladly provided by the Trip Co-Ordinator. As members book in for the trip, ask them to advise you if they cannot make it so you can include someone who may be on the cancellation list. You will need to keep a list of the name and telephone numbers of those indicating they would like to join you.

There are Trip Sign On sheets available from the Trip Co-Ordinator.
This sheet will help you keep a tally on your limit, know when everyone is present for departure and inform those who booked in if you may need to postpone the trip.